Polaris Media Group is one of the most active media platforms in Australia, founded in Sydney in 2013, we are at the forefront in delivering the latest news on fashion, lifestyle and society to our audience. In the past 7 years, we originated featured columns on restaurant reviews, parenting experiences, socialite lifestyles, luxury cars, and so on. We have planned and executed remarkable events, including the Toddler of the Year contest, Vast Capital charity dinner, The Star Chinese Festival of Racing and etc. Our leading experiences have helped many of our clients interact and engage with their customers in the best possible way.

Polaris Media was founded in 2013

One of the most influential lifestyle media companies in Australia

Total of over 500,000 followers

Australian-based premium lifestyle contents on multiple platforms

First to reach 30M views on WeChat

We are the first platform to reach 30 million views on a single WeChat article in Australia

We have serviced over 400 clients

Partner of choice of many well-known international brands

Held over 1000 local events in Australia

Expertise for both online and offline events management

Expertise in social media marketing

Our team is based in both Australia and China


Digital Marketing Matrix

Social Media Marketing is an extremely important element in the overall marketing strategy for any business. Polaris Media Group can help you establish an effective social media strategy to best meet your intended goals, and integrate this with other aspects of your business marketing. The social media channels we typically support and manage for our clients include the most popular such as WeChat Subscription Account, WeChat Video Account, WeChat Community, Little Red Book, Tik Tok and Weibo.

KOL and KOC Management and Engagement

Influencer marketing, or KOL(Key Opinion Leader) and KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) marketing as it is called in China, is increasing in popularity and has matured as well. The KOL market in China has moved from the live stream, short video, text & photos, and forum’s Q&A content types to online TV emission, E-commerce, etc. Polaris Media Group's services and specialties are highlighted to help brands choose a suitable KOL and leverage KOLs’ influence to help build awareness, trigger conversions and achieve sales.

Chinese Market Consulting

Over the past 7 years, Polaris Media Group has helped more than 400 clients with digital marketing in China. Regardless of your industries: retail FMCG, travel, telecommunications, financial or real estate, by providing an in-depth analysis on product, brand, consumer segmentations and market environment, we are able to tailor-make a promotion plan for the Chinese market based on your company and situation.

Offline Campaign

Sometimes the best results can be gained by getting your business up in front of real, live people. Attending, sponsoring or hosting an event can be an excellent avenue to interact with potential customers. Planning and rolling out events end-to-end, we deliver everything from small morning tea to large-scale events. Polaris Media Group also deliver genuinely integrated campaigns, covering all platforms and reaching targeted audiences, and to match with your business digital marketing strategy.


Polaris Media Group have collaborated with many world's well-known brands and organisations.
Below are some case studies we have done. Please click on each tile to find out more.


Polaris Media Group Event Highlights



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