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Chinese E-Commerce Marketing Strategy From The PROs:

The 20th of May is not a regular day for the Chinese, especially for couples. It is one of the four Valentines‘ Day celebrations in China. This cultural event derives from the pronunciation of the numbers ‘520’, which is similar to ‘I love you’ in Chinese.

Valentines’ Days also became the key dates for all brands’ Chinese Marketing Calendar, because of the high consumption volume generated from the Chinese shoppers during these days. For example, this time the gold jewellery sales usually grow 300%.

Now Polaris Media Group will take you to have a look at what some of the luxury brands did during the last ‘520’.

Louis Vuitton: Gamification + Livestream star
Louis Vuitton used gamification, developed a mini-program on WeChat featuring the top Livestream celebrity Austin Li and a popular Chinese actress to engage the audiences with creativity.

Prada: Put all bet on the pop star ambassador
Prada Group launched their campaign featuring the pop star Xukun Cai on the 4th of May, which was considered early to tease their pop-up ‘520’ WeChat store. The nylon collection products were sold out from the store which was an amazing result.

Gucci: The more the better, partnering with a group of celebrities and KOLs
Gucci created an ‘FM520’ radio station, having a group of celebrities and top-tier fashion KOLs to host, DJ, and participate in the radio campaign.