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Business Update 28 June 2021

More and more clients reached out to Polaris Media Group and want to target the Chinese Gen Z audience. As a professional marketing agency, we found some insightful research from Mckensy conducted in 2019 to share with you.

The survey involved 5,000 Gen Z audiences across 6 Asia Pacific Countries including China, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The key findings:
-Gen Z relies on social media but is also cautious about it.
-Although the spending power is not high, they are very picky and like personalised, customised, and limited edition products.
-They like niche brands with different stories, which helps them stand out.
-They are more likely to be influenced by social media and trends.

Here is Polaris Media Group CEO Jessica Yue‘s point of view:
Celebrate the uniqueness of your brand which can be your competitive edge to win Gen Z audiences, and use the power of social media to build your Gen Z community.