About Us

Total of over 500,000 followers

Australian-based premium lifestyle contents on multiple platforms.

We have serviced over 400 clients

Partner of choice of many well-known international brands

Polaris Media Group was founded in 2013

One of the most influential lifestyle media companies in Australia.

Held over 1000 Australian local events

Expertise for both online and offline events management

First to reach 30M views on WeChat

In Australia, Polaris Media Group is the first platform to reach 30 million views on a single article on WeChat.

Expertise in Social Media Marketing

Our team is based in both Australia and China.

Polaris Media Group is one of the most active media platforms in Australia, founded in Sydney in 2013, we are at the forefront in delivering the latest news on fashion, lifestyle and society to our audience. In the past 4 years, we originated featured columns on restaurant reviews, parenting experiences, socialite lifestyles, luxury cars, and so on. We have planned and executed remarkable events, including the Toddler of the Year contest, Vast Capital charity dinner, Chinese Festival of Fashion and Racing and etc. Our leading experiences have helped many of our clients interact and engage with their customers in the best possible way.


Jessica Yue

Founder and CEO

Jessica Yue founded Polaris Media Group, Australia’s Chinese leading full-service creative communications agency catering to luxury, lifestyle and beauty brands in 2013.

She worked in China in PR for several years before she moved to Australia to set up her own business. Internationally experienced with a proven track record of creating and implementing cut through PR and advertising campaigns that exceed clients’ goals, Jessica is a graduate from Sydney University with a master degree of Public Relations.

Since establishing Polaris Media Group, Jessica has worked with a diverse range of lifestyle, beauty, and fashion clients including Esteé Lauder Group, L’Oréal Group, LVMH Group and has also worked on many high-profile international PR campaigns.

Expanding your business into Chinese market in Mainland China or Local Chinese in Australia can be rewarding, but it is also challenging. Success in the new market requires cultural understanding and knowledge, resources and commitment.

Jessica’s passion is to help clients market their products and services to the Chinese market, assist them in stepping into globalization more effectively, efficiently and professionally.

Melody Chen

Head of Account Management

Melody Chen received a Master’s Degree of Arts Management from University of New South Wales, and also a double  Master’s Degree of Commerce & Accounting. She joined Polaris Media Group in 2016 and has held various positions in new media operations, event planning and execution, customer management, HR and finance. Assisted in the execution of nearly 100 activities within 4 years, focusing on internal and external resources of the company. She currently holds the Head of Account Management positions and has served nearly 200 key clients, including globally renowned brands such as Estee Lauder, Huawei, and BVLGARI.

Michael Huang

Deputy Editor

Michael receives a double Bachelor’s degree in journalism & finance from Beijing Technology and Business University. Later, Master of Design Communication from the University of New South Wales. Prior to joining Polaris Media Group, Michael was responsible for content copywriting in the New Media Center of Xinhua News Agency (Head Office). After joined Polaris Media Group in early 2019, he already produces a 30 million+ view, a 16 million+ view, and 10 of 1 million+ view, and more than 20 100k+ views articles in the entire media network.

Rihanna Duan

Head of Strategic Marketing

Rihanna is a people leader and enthusiastic about social media and strategic planning.

Prior to Polaris Media Group, Rihanna worked and led the sales team at Bupa, one of Australia’s largest private health insurance companies. She also looked after Bupa’s Sydney Chinese local market strategy and offline activities from which she started to build her Chinese Australian social media network. Rihanna’s fluent speaking and solid English knowledge also made her a PTE teacher as a side business.

In July 2019, Rihanna Joined Polaris Media Group as the head of the marketing strategy. Clients including BMW Sydney, FENDI, Swarovski, Telstra, Mirvac Group, Crown Group, DFO, UnionPay, Bupa Australia, Tempus Two and etc. She runs many consultation sessions with her clients, both international and local brands, to provide them the leading Australian Chinese market strategic guidance and design the best marketing solutions. She ensures that the clients have access to the combined strengths of Polaris Media Group, that the best talent is working on their accounts, and that they work effectively with Polaris Media Group team and Account Managers to deliver fully integrated solutions for clients.

Rihanna has strong leadership, coaching, and critical thinking skills and she believes that acquiring transferrable skills can allow talents to fit in any role or tasks in the company.

Leo Zheng

Head of Operations and Growth

Leo Zheng graduated from the top 3% University in China and holds a double Bachelor’s degree in business & politics from the National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Prior to joining Polaris Media Group Leo worked in the marketing department of the world’s top 100 companies. After joined Polaris Media Group in 2017, Leo executed many high influential articles, some of which reached over 10 million views. Appointed as the editor for many well-known businesses, such as Alibaba Group, Bulgari, UnionPay, Porsche, Swarovski and many more. Leo is now responsible for follower engagement, growth and operations.

Pauline Pham

Senior Marketing Consultant

Pauline Pham is an industry expert at the forefront of forward thinking Marketing. Leading strategy across a number of destinations and brands across Sydney and Melbourne, Pauline’s knowledge and expertise lies in the art and science of Marketing. Her innovation has been recognized both in Australia and internationally with multiple industry awards, most recently receiving the highest industry recognition for Campaign of the Year for 2019 at the SCCA Awards. Pauline has joined Polaris Media Group with a breadth of knowledge and commitment to revolutionize brand engagement.

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