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Digital Marketing Matrix

Our Service

Polaris Media has extensive experience in creating and managing social media strategy in the Australian market. Led by an experienced and influential team of young professionals, Polaris has built solid relationships with Australian and International brands as well as the Chinese community.

1. WeChat Official Accounts Promotion

Please click for 2020-2021 WeChat Promotion List

2. Corporate Social Media Account Management

Please click for Corporate Account Example Article

3. WeChat Group and Moment Promotion

Attract users to enter a specific WeChat group to build a stronger relationship. Each group will have an identical topic with up to 500 members in the group.

4. WeChat Moments Advertisement Promotion

WeChat Moments is similar Facebook Posts in which you can include your personal updates, photos, videos, articles you would like to repost. Polaris Media has 5 customer service accounts with more than 22k followers and we utilise these 5 accounts’ WeChat Moments as one of the options to engage with our followers.

RED and DOUYIN Promotion

Miss Polaris

RED ID: 159254566

Followers: 14k

Likes: 131k

POLARIS MEDIA (RED brand account)

RED ID: 494921790

Polaris Media in Australia

DOUYIN ID: PolarisMedia

Followers: 13k

Likes: 594k

WeChat Groups and Moments Promotion

Selected articles, pictures and custom made posters can be posts via WeChat groups and moments.